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Senior management should identify the competencies necessary to meet the requirements for adopting asset management. Where these competencies are not available in the organization, training of staff may be required. Recruitment, mentoring, or collaboration with other authorities may also be considered (UKRLG and HMEP 2013).

If competencies or resources are not available, external support can be an effective way of addressing gaps, particularly when there is a need to build capability within the organization. It is important that ownership is retained within the agency and that asset management staff have enough knowledge to be smart purchasers.

Competencies may fall under a number of categories, including the following:

  • Leadership and governance
  • Communications and relationship management
  • Strategic thinking and decision making
  • Risk management
  • Business management, finance, resources, tools, and information management
  • Planning development and review
  • Asset understanding
  • Lifecycle management
  • Technical skills, including choice of treatments and materials
  • Procurement and contract management
  • Delivery


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