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3.4 Programming/Resource Allocation

The works programming / resource allocation activity defines (PIARC 2012-a) the steps necessary to identify and prioritize the projects that should be carried out in the short and medium term to support the asset management strategy. At the same time, it provides mechanisms to distribute the available budgets among the identified projects in order to realize benefits such as increased safety, mobility and comfort, value for money, and risk mitigation.

Besides explaining the basics and motivation of works programming and the maturity levels associated with it, this chapter presents a detailed description of the works programming process, which includes the following tasks: identify candidate projects and prepare works subprograms by asset class; prioritize the asset class subprograms; prepare and optimize a multi-year works program for a programming period of 3 to 5 years; and prepare and optimize the annual program. The above process should be revised on regular basis to ensure the proposed annual program effectively contributes to achieve the organization strategic objectives.

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