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3 Planning

This section describes the core issues which a Road Organization should take into consideration when developing its planning activities: Asset Management Plan, Financial Plan, Asset Valuation and Programming.

The section contains a chapter about the importance of having a strong Asset Management Plan, including the proposed steps to be taken into consideration when developing such an instrument. It contains a chapter with information about what a Financial Plan should be and why an Organization should develop one, explaining the process to build such an instrument. The section also contains information about Asset Valuation, explaining its concept, and why an Organization should do it. It also presents an approach to calculate asset value, it suggests the international accounting standards to be adopted when calculating the asset value. It proposes a list of asset classification. It also provides useful information regarding asset treatments, cost information, condition data, and valuation steps and key aspects of the steps. Finally the section contains a chapter about programming, which explains what is works programming, and why they should be prepared. It also presents the maturity levels for works programming, it also explains the process of developing works programs and allocating resources to individual projects.

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