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2 Data and ModelLing

Data and modelling are very important components of asset management. Roads, bridges and other transportation assets do not last forever. They have a limited service life which is affected by traffic loading and environmental impacts such as heating and cooling and changes to moisture content, etc. The service life of the assets can be cost-effectively extended by applying various preservation and maintenance techniques. However, at some point in time, it is necessary to renew the asset using a more substantial rehabilitation treatment or reconstruction is required to provide an adequate level of serviceability for the user. In order to determine the appropriate time for preservation or rehabilitation intervention, it is necessary to establish key performance indicators to allow asset owners to track the asset condition. These may include depth of rutting, crack condition, structural capacity or smoothness, etc. Once sufficient condition information is collected, this data can then be used to modelling the performance of the asset so that its future condition can be predicted.  This will then allow planning and budgeting for future maintenance and rehabilitation treatments to cost-effectively manage the asset.

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