Asset Management Manual
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2.1.1 Introduction

One of the key components of the management of assets is to inventory and document that assets that are the responsibility of an organization along with their current condition (OECD 2001). Different types of data are required for the effective management of the road infrastructure (PIARC 2004). This may include inventory information, age, remaining life and performance information such as smoothness, structural capacity, and crack condition, etc. Data collection technologies and data needs vary depending on which infrastructure element is evaluated (Birmingham 2002). For the purpose of this manual, emphasis is placed on the paved road infrastructure (PIARC 2005). There are many technologies for the collection of data, but the data that is beneficial to the road organization in question as well as the appropriate personnel and/or equipment to be used to collect these data needs to be determined.

The data collected should support the following objectives:

  • Provide information required to support the organization’s approach to asset management;
  • Describe the asset and its performance;
  • Provide the basis for informed decision making;
  • Facilitate communications with stakeholders;
  • Permit the assessment and management of risk;
  • Support the management of statutory requirements; and
  • Support continuous improvement.


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