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4.2 Communication. Why is important?

As an organization implements an asset management program, it should develop a communication plan. Augmenting the implementation of asset management with a communication plan can be helpful. Because of the large number of staff and functions that need to be coordinated, communications is essential internally. It is important for staff to understand what is taking place and their roles. Communication with external stakeholders and customers is equally important to convey what is being done, why it is being done, what is planned, and what are the key expectations with regard to level of service, performance targets, and funding scenarios.

Relevant information associated with asset management should be actively communicated through engagement with internal staff and external stakeholders in setting requirements, making decisions, and reporting performance. It is important to discuss and develop a strategy for how this information is communicated, e.g. with pre-prepared material such as videos or annual reports (FHWA, 2017; Swedish Transport Administration, 2016).


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