Asset Management Manual
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1.4 Performance Management

The asset management strategy, introduced in chapter 1.3, links organizational goals and objectives with actions needed to manage its highway infrastructure assets. Performance measures and levels of service (target values negotiated with stakeholders) should be established to make the strategy operational.

Therefore, the organization shall establish, implement and maintain process(es) and/or procedure(s) to monitor and measure the performance and/or condition of assets.

This chapter sets out the process(es) and/or procedure(s) for:

  • Providing a systematic approach to measure progress in the implementation of asset management (setting a framework for performance management);
  • Setting levels of service and performance targets to enable auditing and monitoring the strategic objectives.

The process(es) and/or procedure(s) for monitoring the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the asset management system are dealt with in section 2.2.

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