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2.1.3 Data Collection Process

The data collection process begins with the establishment of data needs. Data needs will vary from agency to agency depending on the complexity of the transportation network, the level of maturity of the agency, available technology and indices used to reflect the condition of the assets (U.K. Roads 2013).  For relatively small and less complex networks, this may consist of a visual survey to establish an overall condition index.  Larger networks in more developed countries my include the use of digital survey vehicles and other equipment that measure asset attributes using digital imaging, laser technology and equipment that measures the in-situ strength of the asset.  Regardless of the method used, quality control and assurance procedures should be established to ensure the consistency of the condition assessments.  While multiple asset attributes may be measured to assist in making detailed project level maintenance and rehabilitation decisions, these attributes may be combined to provide a single measure of asset condition for network level asset management. 


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