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4 ApplicationS

Applications, as part of asset management and within this manual, concern Asset Management Tools (AMT) designed to help the road organization apply an Asset Management Plan (AMP), and communication activities developed for augmenting implementation of asset management.

AMT refers to specifically designed software to apply a rational and efficient approach to asset management. The first AMT chapter describes in more detail what such a tool is, what are its inputs, and the basic requirements. The next two chapters specify what to consider when making the case for an AMT, and what is its structure.

Asset management tool should perform a number of main functions which are explained for organizations at a basic, at a proficient and for organizations at an advanced maturity level. The AMT will be sustainable only if a road organization is supported by a complete business plan that sets out the investment and is able to fund the activities required, as explained in the fourth AMT chapter.

Relevant information associated with asset management should be actively communicated through engagement with internal staff and external stakeholders in setting requirements, making decisions, and reporting performance. A strategy for how to communicate this information is explained in chapters about internal and external delivery of AMP, as well as indication on how to do it for organizations at different maturity levels.

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