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3.1.2 Target audience

The target audience for the AMP is potentially wide ranging, with different elements of the plan of interest to different stakeholders, as described below.

Senior decision makers: Senior decision makers, including elected members, need to support the AMP and make the necessary financial commitment to support the plan. The AMP can be a valuable tool in showing system condition, funding needs, and the impact of different funding levels (PIARC 2005, PIARC 2016.2).

Road Organization’s staff: Asset managers and/or practitioners are responsible for developing and then delivering the AMP. The plan can be used as a benchmark to monitor progress against the organization’s asset management framework. The AMP can be a valuable tool in showing system condition and identifying performance gaps but also in explaining priorities and the resource allocation decision making process. The AMP explains how the Road Organization does business.

Other stakeholders: These are potentially wide ranging and may include road users, local communities, and special interest groups. The plan informs the stakeholders about how the organization does business, including its basis for resource allocation in managing their network.


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