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2.2.2 Why should performance monitoring be conducted?

Monitoring and reporting performance (PIARC 2002) is an important part of demonstrating whether the organization is delivering the agreed levels of service (NAMS Group 2011).

The measurement of organizational performance provides the following:

  • Measurement of actual against desired levels of customer service
  • Information to demonstrate the achievement of the organization´s strategic goals
  • Accountability to customers
  • Identification of areas for improvement
  • Benchmarking among different organizations;
  • A means of monitoring performance of service delivery providers (NAMS Group 2011)

Information and data arising from the implementation and delivery of asset management provide the following:

  • Quantifiable measures of progress in the delivery of the asset management strategy, performance requirements, and works programs
  • A basis for identifying actions aimed at the continual improvement of the approach, including delivery of the overall service

This information will also enable critical issues regarding performance to be identified and improvement plans to be developed.

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