Asset Management Manual
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1.1 Implementation of Asset Management 

The management of the road infrastructure assets is a big challenge for many road organizations. The implementation of asset management and asset management tools will help them to fulfill the current and future requirements in a repeatable and sustainable way.

There are different questions to be answered in the different management processes, like “What is the current state of assets, the level of service and performance? What are the best maintenance strategies? What are the necessary funding strategies to achieve the goals? ”. The benefit of having a holistic asset management approach is manifold, including different aspects like financing and investment, planning, environmental impacts, assessment of maintenance needs, etc.

For a successful implementation different steps are suggested. This includes the establishment of goals and objectives in line with the vision and the expectations of the different stakeholders, the self-assessment and gap analysis, and, of course, necessary steps for an improvement of the current situation.

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