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Condition indices describe a set of discrete, ordered states determining the rating of asset condition parameters. Trained condition rating personnel may assess the current state of the asset and assign a rating to that asset. However, the subjective rating can vary by rater.

The pavement conditions normally evaluated for asset management are as follows:

  • Roughness;
  • Surface distress, e.g., crack frequency or rutting;
  • Skid resistance;
  • Structural properties, e.g., falling weight deflectometer (data to measure pavement strength.

The above characteristics are measured in the field by acceptable equipment and methodologies and are quantified by means of indicators or condition indices. Typical pavement condition indicators and indices are shown in Table


Bridge condition indices are typically represented by condition states of individual elements that are then combined in to component rating, e.g. deck rating and then an overall bridge condition index (BCI).



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