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It seems to be universal that, at least in the early stages of implementing an asset management framework, there will be a need for a champion, who can be anyone with sufficient interest and influence to promote organizational changes. A champion may be designated by someone in top-level management or he may simply emerge from among the members of the involved groups. In any case, a champion is one who does not rest until the mission is accomplished. Candidate champions include the following:

  • The leader of the organization
  • Functional or geographic managers
  • First-line supervisors
  • Key technical or policy-level staff

The champion for implementing an asset management framework will face the challenge of prevailing in any deliberations and debates about why such a differentiated approach is needed at all.

Arguments about the unique significance of the road system, the benefits (and complexity) of a risk-based approach, the need for mitigation strategies and contingency plans, and the interests of stakeholders are likely to be relevant to the champion (Cambridge Systematics et al. 2009).

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